Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Carmelite Charism

My name saint St. Therese of Lisieux died young, but her passion for Jesus was mighty and her humility awesome. She is often drawn and described as sweet, but studying her closely you find she's salty, too.

Carmelite charism catches up and offers a childlike surrender and trust to God's Mercy and Love. It's very attractive, but obviously hard and serious work. So I enjoyed finding this article on St. Therese's humor:

She joked with the sisters about being the one to try out the new cemetery plot. And when they were talking about how they would arrange her in the coffin, she said "Well, put the candle in my hand but not those candlesticks--they're too ugly!"

She was dying a slow, suffocating, painful death from TB at the time.

Does our Holy Father come to your mind, too?


Rosalind said...

Thanks a lot for the link about the Carmelite charism. I'm attracted to contemplative spirituality, and there's lots of food for thought there. I find it charming that the pithy, saintly Teresa of Avila and the sweet, saintly Therese of Lisieux both epitomized Carmelite life. Now that's diversity.



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