Saturday, March 19, 2005

St. Joe Mercy

This day is particularly meaningful to me. Thirty-four years ago today, I gave my heart to God, turned my will and my life over to Christ, and experienced the release of the Holy Spirit. I'm glad it happened on St. Joseph's feast day, because I feel particularly close to him. He's the man that almighty God chose to be a father to Jesus and to guard and care for the Blessed Lady. He must have been strong, I suspect he had a good sense of humor, and as for humility -- how would you like it if the only sinner in your family were you?

A local hospital is named St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, colloquially known as "Joe Mercy". Well, St. Joseph was a key parner in the most significant outpouring of mercy the world has ever known. I suspect he and his august Son both enjoy the accidental appelation.

* * * * *

It's been a day since Terri Shiavo's feeding tube was removed. I like the intercessory prayer that Fr. Ed prayed at Mass this morning: "For Terri Shiavo, that the circumstances of her life may be in conformity with the perfect will of Jesus, let us pray to the Lord." May the holy and consoling name of Jesus be on her mind and in her heart. May her family be comforted. May all sinners, hidden and public, be drawn to God's mercy and receive grace to repent. May we all fully participate in the grace that God wants to give this Holy Week.


Therese Z said...

Happy anniversary!

Thanks for posting the prayer. I feel as desolate as if Terri was a member of my immediate family. As a sister in the Body of Christ, she is. I don't know what to do with myself but learn a little more about total dependence on God.



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