Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Truth and grace

Steven at Flos Carmeli has posted a poem called My God, My God, Why Have I Abandoned You? Here's the first verse:
Silence is shattering.
It says nothing more than what you hear in it and what you see in it.
Sometimes it shows you the numbness of the heart.
Other times it shows you the hardness of the heart.
But silence cannot be silence without grace, and grace prevails.

To me, this is beautiful. The very silence in which we perceive the raw truth about ourselves is the same in which grace comes, "and grace prevails."

I'm counting on it.


Therese Z said...

I wonder if numbness is a sin. If my conscience feels numb, if my heart feels numb, is that spiritual laziness, which is a clear sin?

Come Holy Spirit, pour your fire on my numbness!



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