Wednesday, March 30, 2005

He may be a son of...

a b-----, but he's OUR son of a b-----!"

So said Secretary of State Cordell Hull about Trujillo (not Truman about MacArthur, as I've always believed). As a Chicagoan, I get an awful lot of Jesse Jackson, more than I need. Some kid's Big Wheel gets a flat, and there he is, sweaty and earnest and loud. His good impulses are often overshadowed by his grandiosity, and people tend to tune out his message too often.

But if this report of Rev. Jackson's effort to persuade Democratic lawmakers to change their position is correct, and his efforts are successful, then (1) we will never hear the end of it, and (2) I must in humility listen to everyone and no longer maintain a "dismissed" list of irritating people. But especially (3) I'll pray with joy that Rev. Jackson receive abundant blessing and consolation from the Lord.

Keep praying! I admit I have become exhausted and despairing, and had nearly given up praying and pondering. This gives me new life, although it's hard to believe that Terri hasn't suffered permanent damage to her organs after this long.

As Lincoln DIDN'T say: "Politics makes strange bedfellows."


Julie D. said...

Pretty much everything you said here goes for me too ... it was rather disturbing to realize that I was trying not to give Jackson credit for doing the right thing (my husband calls that, "learning from history" but I know what reluctance on my part engenders it) just because I don't like him. Another little dark corner to open a window on...

Henry Dieterich said...

I had thought it was Franklin D. Roosevelt about Anastasio Somoza the elder. The version you cite seems more correct under the principle of lectio difficilior. But then, on both sides, it's a distinction without much of a difference.



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