Thursday, March 31, 2005

Just in case you folks out there didn't catch it . . .

This is the playing field we are on. Eric Pfeiffer writes about the "spirituality" of Michael Schiavo's lawyer.

Some have wondered why Michael and his team worked so hard to achieve Terri's death. What could have caused this passion, even in the face of a $1M buyout offer, unless he honestly was motivated by high principles?

Well, let's see . . .

Hat tip to Maclin Horton for the link.


Smarty Pants said...

I think this is a major point missed by those supporting Terri's family. They seem to want to believe that the husband is evil or acting out of some improper motive. Whatever happened to disagreements where you might bitterly disagree but respected the other side. We have all become angry and twisted when it comes to disagreeing with others. My compliant has always been that this disagreement, like a bitter divorce or other family dispute, should have remained between the those family members and the courts. We all should have minded our own business.

Sirena said...

If you knew the man next door was trying to kill his wife, would you not get involved? (This is an analogy). People nowadays are too worried about minding their own business, they aren't getting involved in issues that we should be. The mainstream media never knew the whole story about Terri and they still don't. Terri was murdered, and Judge Greer turned his eyes away from a situation that smelled fishy from the beginning.



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