Monday, March 28, 2005

Tell me a story

Blessings to you. May you experience the grace of Easter.

The respected Pontificator has posted his son's story of conversion to the Catholic Church last year. It is stunningly honest and forthright. I found his experience of first Sacrament of Reconciliation to be particularly striking.
So I let him put his hands on me and I let him speak the words of absolution, and I continued sobbing for several more minutes, unable to control my tears and my breathing. Only now it was different. I was feeling something new–not something dark and guilty, something bright and joyful. I had resigned myself to my grief, and so also to hell, but it was not to be. Grace had intervened for reasons my petty love did not understand."

As always when God intervenes to steer an individual soul, this story has a very personal flavor. Personal God-stories are a great favorite of mine -- the nature of the Maker is discernible in the evidence He leaves in His wake. Won't it be wonderful in heaven when there's time to hear and tell all those stories and praise Him face to face?




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