Friday, March 18, 2005

Demand - Encourage - Thank

Well, finally: this morning, the newsradio station led the top of each hour with Terri Schiavo. They got the story almost right.

There is movement, hope, great fear. Start praying this morning, if you haven't yet. Practice a mortification for your sister in the Body of Christ: skip a meal, bear an insult in silence, turn off TV. Offer up anything you can to storm Heaven and speed the legal maneuvering along to save Terri's life.

But also, please, if you spent any time in contacting your Congressmen or Senators, now, spend a few minutes THANKING THEM. (That is, if they voted in favor of the protective bills before them.) It is all too easy to link and email and call for action, and then relapse into relieved silence when that action is taken.

Thank them for their help. Go to Terri's Fight and follow the same links you used to demand their help and bless them for their actions.

I saw somewhere that Michael Schiavo is running out of defense money. Throw some money Terri's way and tip the scales that much further. It's not tax-deductible (yet), so consider it an even purer tithe.

UPDATE: The unthinkable is happening. Pray! But be careful who you thank. If you know your representative/senator/bishop has spoken out, thank them. But check first. I'm baffled by the posturing and back-biting that went on in the Senate, especially.
This is so sad. Isn't it like when someone in your family is sick, or died, and you look out the window at the busy world and want to shout "Don't you KNOW what's happening here?"




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