Friday, March 11, 2005

A peek into our inner workings

Contrary to appearances, Therese and Roz don't just communicate via the comment boxes on this blog. From time to time, we actually go voice-to-voice. This is great fun, though it reminds me of my weaknesses in keeping resolutions -- all intentions to make this call short and sweet are usually forgotten by about Minute Seven.

We had one of those conversations tonight. It started when I paused the news report (God bless Tivo) to call Therese about Robert Herring's amazing offer of $1 million to Michael Schiavo if he relinquishes care of Terri to her parents and "get(s) on with his life". I don't think our excited conversation ever degenerated into actual squeals, but I try not to lie, so I'll just say that I wouldn't deny it if accused. From that topic, we moved to judicial activism, medical powers of attorney, the point in the dying process when it is indeed proper to withhold nutrition, GodBlogCon 2005, whether there is a gender difference in blogging styles, the proper time and place for Anger (clue: the Schaivo case is a good example), and the shock on the face of my daughter the Nurse Assistant when she read some of the affidavits of Terri Schiavo's caregivers.

Lest you think that all our time is spent in estimable pursuits, I confess that our last conversation consisted mostly of talk about shopping in outlet stores, weekend plans, and what year it was that the Mass transitioned from Latin to the vernacular.

So, there you have it: What Extraverts Do For Fun.


Therese Z said...

You forgot our theorizing on how someone could peacefully break an unjust law and simply remove Terri from the nursing home.

And the proper angle at which to wear a mantilla.

God bless you, blogsister!



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