Friday, April 08, 2005

All pray for some time in silence.

We see that phrase in our missals or Magnificats a lot during Holy Week, occurring often during the reading of the Passion, after Jesus gave up the Spirit and died. There is a rustling while people kneel down (and a quiet thudding as kneelers are unlimbered by the less-prepared) all over the Church. Breathing quiet, heads down, composing the mind and soul, waiting for the sign from the priest to stand up and continue.

We've had Lent, and Terri Schiavo, and now the Holy Father. I'm spiritually exhausted, and I bet many of you are too. Shall we take a moment for silent prayer, and then come out with a brave face and a happy spirit?


Roz said...

He is, indeed, risen.

This may be Easter season, but it might feel empty as Holy Saturday while we wait for the Lord to raise up whomever he chooses. May God's perfect will be accomplished among the Cardinal Electors.

Meanwhile, I'm sure I have some Girl Scout cookies frozen around here.

Anthony Cerminaro said...


Thanks for your comments at my blog. I just wanted to let you know that I responded there and that I changed my post to make it clear that I am a Roman Catholic who is calling for change. Thanks and God Bless.

~pen~ said...

Shall we take a moment for silent prayer, and then come out with a brave face and a happy spirit?

this sounds like a marvelous plan; however, i feel as though since Lent had started, i was blindsided by the sudden death of my friend/co-worker and it's taken me all this time to recover.

along with terry schiavo and the Pope, i am now walking with a limp.

i am beyond exhausted and while i embraced Easter (and longed for it, more than ever this year), i am still not where i wish to be and desire, still, to be on my knees, head bowed, composing mind and soul, hoping for the priest to stay where he is for a while prior to continuing.

Therese Z said...

I'm sorry for your pain. I was ready to join you and say that I'm not where I want to be, either, but then I knew that we are supposed to understand and embrace where we are right now. In pain. Tired. Reeling.

God is closer to you right now than ever.



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