Thursday, April 07, 2005

With God, nothing is impossible

Like the parting of the Red Sea, God continues to demonstrate his sovereignty by turning powerful forces inside out. This time, the tsunami engulfs even the mainstream media. My tender heart knew deep down that there were really human beings in there.

With billions of impassioned viewers tuning in across the globe, the death of Pope John Paul has been a media moment like no other in recent history.

Journalists and editors have been caught up in a story that left some of them as dazed, saddened and inspired as their viewers and readers. [via Reuters]

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Therese Z said...

I heard a radio news guy in a tone of near-wonder, "people are being indescribably respectful of one another."

I hope that sticks in his mind, and others. All those people, all that crowding, no shelter, no food, only water, cold nights. People loving each other, bearing with one another.

THAT's what it's all about.



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