Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Law and Order XVI

Couldn't resist. The talking heads on cable TV (bless them, they're simply not allowed to shut up) are beginning to discover that their liberal spokesfolk are not too pleased with the choice, while trying not to sound too disloyal. Their noses keep wrinkling up; they're going to stay that way.

I am so very happy to have a Holy Father again; I'm thrilled that it's Josef Ratzinger; I am impressed with his serene intelligence and firmness; but I am getting the giggles over the effect it's having on some "Catholics."


Roz said...

EWTN has been showing snippets of an interview they did with the former Cardinal several years ago. Apparently, it's the only recorded interview in English that he's ever done. I'm sure it will get a lot of play in the coming days.

Justin said...

The effect! You nailed it! It really is amusing how many groans have been floating around. I think somebody already clarified it as "wailing and gnashing of teeth".. ;-)



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