Thursday, April 28, 2005

Some people are just right, darn it!

I am full of admiration for Archbishop Chaput of Denver. Every time I read something of his, I have to stop and mull about it for a while, paying him my supreme compliment of thinking "I wish I'd said that!" As if I could.

His latest column in the Denver Catholic Register is a great discussion of our new Holy Father. Here's a taste:
Benedict XVI is not only more experienced in the life of the intellect and Christian conscience than his critics, he’s also more faithful to the mission of the Church and more anchored in the peace that comes from knowing and loving her founder — Jesus Christ.

And he directly addresses some of the editorial comments recently in the media, to wit:
As one columnist bitterly observed, “the cafeteria is now closed.” Of course, for believers, it was never open.

Witty, pithy and sensible. I only wish I were eligible to invite him to dinner. Vivat, Archbishop!


Therese Z said...

I hope the Pope (oh, a rhyme) will leave good archbishops like him in charge of dioceses and not take them into the Curia, where I understand some freshening-up is needed.

There was a rumor that Cdl George was going to be appointed to Cdl Ratzinger's vacant post on the CDF but the loss to Chicago would have been enormous.

God sustain Archbishop Chaput! And give us more better bishops.....



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